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A sunroom is an enclosed room or porch specifically created and designed to let in as much sunlight as possible. These rooms are made of transparent glass on top of a brick wall or wood knee wall. Sometimes they are made entirely of wood, PVC, aluminium and glazed on all sides. Modern sunrooms are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, styles and colours. On top of that they can be customised to suit your needs and wants. So, what are sunrooms used for? The following is a short list of typical uses for a sunroom.

A Dining Room

Many, if not, most sunrooms are used as breakfast, lunch and dinner rooms. Most homeowners, who enjoy eating outdoors under the natural sunlight, would create a simple or sophisticated sunroom for the purpose of using this room as an eating area. It’s a perfect setting to enjoy the natural sunlight while spending quality time with the family around the dining table.

Work Space

If you work from home, then you will love working in a room which brings in a lot of light. Besides the privacy it gives, a sunroom is bright and helps to open up your work space to the outdoors. You could even double things up and section a part of it off as a study, while using the rest as a play or entertainment area.

Artist Studio

Following on from it being used as a study, it provides an inspiring space for creativity. Many people choose to use them as art studios where the outdoor view helps to inspire their artwork. A brightly lit room that is kept warm through the winters can really help to lift the spirit and inspire new works of art.

An Exercise Room

Sunrooms can also be used as exercise rooms. You could install a range of exercise equipment, ranging from treadmills, exercise bikes, to free weights, just to mention a few. If you hate having to go to your local gym, then this would be the perfect set up for you.

Therefore, instead of going to the gym or jogging away from your home, you can do your exercises right there inside your sunroom. If you love yoga, then you will enjoy practicing it inside this room.

A Place To Relax

If heavy exercise isn’t your cup of tea, then a sunroom is perfectly designed to provide you a space to unwind and relax in. You can kick your feet up at the end of the day and enjoy a good book, or watch TV. Alternatively if you’re into yoga or meditation, then this space would be ideal.

Sunny Place To Grow Plants

Due to the fact that these rooms make full use of the available sunlight, they can be used for growing plants or a simple green house. Therefore, if you are looking for an ideal area to plant your exotic flowers or plants, simply create a sunroom and make your home look beautiful.

Entertainment Room

These rooms can also be used as rooms for entertainment. It’s a great space to be able to invite your friends and neighbours over, and it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, as you will always have a space that is protected from the weather, while at the same time gives the perception of space. You can always choose to heat your sunroom up in the winter as well.

In conclusion, sunrooms have a number of uses and benefits. They can be energy efficient and add great aesthetic value to your home, as well as help increase the value of the property itself.