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Do you have a garage at home? Do you use it for other purposes aside from parking your cars in it? How do you organize things in your garage? Many people use their garage for storage of tools and other unused things.

Sometimes too much of these things can cause disorganization in our garage and it can lead to accidental hazards. We must always make sure that objects like tools are well kept as it can cause harm especially when you have little ones roaming inside the house. Here are some smart ways to organize and upgrade your garage:

Top 10 Smart Ways to Organize and Upgrade Your Garage

The garage is often a neglected, messy space. With a little organization and a few handy projects, though, we can get much more use out of our garages and also modernize them. Here are our top 10 garage upgrade ideas.

10. Install a Ceiling Storage System

Make better use of your garage’s space and get things off the floor with this DIY project. It costs about $75 for all of the materials and is a great way to store seldom-used things like holiday decorations.

9. Store Garden Tools and Other Supplies Smartly on the Wall

With just two boards and a saw you can make this simple tool rack for your wall. For smaller tools, there’s always the trusty pegboard (and alternatives.) If you have a lot of tools, perhaps a hinged pegboard system is for you or this rolling pegboard caddy. Read full article here…

When things are organized in our garage, we will have extra space to do other things on it. We can even build a shop inside our garage or a mini office. We must always make sure that things are always tidy and clutter free. Here are some more helpful tips for organizing your garage:

6 Top Tips for Organizing Your Garage

An efficient storage space or a chaotic catch-all: which one sounds more like your garage right now?

If you’re parking on the street, stacking boxes sky-high, or navigating a war zone every time you need a shovel, then it’s time to do something. With a little strategy and organization, your garage can become one of your home’s greatest assets. To demonstrate how, here’s a look at some of the top tips for organizing your garage into an efficient, useful space where you can not only store your stuff, but also actually park your car.
1. Downsize, Trash and Donate

The first step in cutting clutter is to go through it, item by item, and separate the things you actually need from the things that are just taking up space. Take at least a full day — maybe even a weekend — to focus on the job. See full article here…

To learn more about how to organize your garage, watch this helpful video titled “How to Organize you Garage”

When your garage is well organized, you will see that you still have some more space. You can either use that space for exercising or a small shop where you can do some carpentry or fixing. But if you want to have a bigger space then you have an option to have a home extension. More info about our home extensions service.

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