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Kitchen is one of the busiest areas in the house. We use it almost every day and we can never avoid our kitchen to become dirty or unorganized. We need energy and effort in preparing our meals and we also need it in tidying up the place after using it.

Organizing and cleaning the kitchen takes some time especially if you haven’t organized it before. It is important for things to be organized in order for us to do things quickly and avoid spending too much time looking for the things or ingredients we need. You can learn some easy ways on how to de-clutter your kitchen from here:

4 Easy Ways to De-Clutter Your Kitchen

Everything in the kitchen falls into one of three categories: prep, cooking, serving. Divide everything into these categories and store them together where they are used. For instance, keep pots and pans nearest the stove/oven, and serving pieces nearest the dishwasher. Store all baking supplies together—where you store it depends on how often you bake. Rule of thumb: the less often something is used, the higher it goes.


If you enjoy coffee and/or tea, create a station. Coffee machine on the counter, coffee mugs and sweeteners in a cabinet right above (regardless of where the rest of your glasses live!) Lots of clients fight me on this at first, saying they like all their cups together or don’t have room for it. I just do it without telling them, letting them discover it on their own. No one has reverted back. Read more…

Keeping the kitchen organized and clean can also help us avoid preparing unclean or unsafe food. Proper labeling of ingredients, using clean utensils and clean counters are essentials to having a safe and clean food. Here are some more tips on how to organize your kitchen:

Real Food Tips: How To Organize Your Kitchen

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, you already know what a functional, zoned kitchen looks and feels like. If you haven’t had that experience, these tips and suggestions will bring you up to speed.

 Likewise, if you’ve ever been in a workshop, similar activities are grouped together near the machines needed for each activity.

So as pretty as you want your kitchen to be, first and foremost you need to think of it as a food shop. These tips will help you organize your kitchen like a pro.

1. Think zones.

Before you do anything else, think about the kinds of food preparation you do in the kitchen. There’s prepping, assembling, cooking, baking, serving, freezing, storing, and cleaning. Each of these zones should be identified in your kitchen, and all like items needed for each kind of activity should “live” in those zones. See more…

If you want to see a more detailed procedure of organizing a kitchen, watch this video titled “Organize your Kitchen like a Pro”

If you’re still unsatisfied with your kitchen space after all the organizing and tidying up, you also have the option of having a home extension. You can look for some great extension ideas for your house and hire a professional to help you out with your plan. It’s always better to seek an expert’s advice.

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