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A zesty, tropical vibe can add a sense of fun to your property. But just how do you go about it?

For one thing, turning your entire home into a tropical oasis might be a bit intense. Instead, why not embrace this theme in your backyard, while adopting a more pared-back aesthetic in your indoor space?

Employing a dedicated patio and pergola builder to design a customised outdoor area is a good starting point. Once you’ve good a quality timber deck and overhead coverage in place, you can turn to tropical plants, a pool and more!

Plants for the Melbourne climate

Building a patio or al fresco area in Melbourne requires careful attention to the seasons. There’s no point creating a space that’s uncovered and therefore chilly during the cooler months, and lacking in sun protection in the warmer months.

You’ll also need to think about climate when choosing tropical plants.

Waxy anthuriums, bird of paradise plants and palms look great together, and will create a lush, tropical vibe. Just ensure your soil is appropriate to allow these plants to grow – your local garden centre may recommend particular fertilisers for your garden.

Adding tropical touches

An outdoor pool offers a truly tropical feel, but be sure to consult with your builder about the possibilities of installing a splash zone. You’ll likely need to obtain council consent for such a project, and will need to have sufficient room, too.

A fire pit can add a cosy feel, while hammering home the tropical aesthetic. Tall palm fronds and decorative pieces look a treat as well.

If you really want to get wild with the tropical theme, invest in some torch-style outdoor lights. Paired with polished timber decking, these will add a touch of glamour.