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There comes a time when you might decide you want to build either a carport or garage to afford some protection for your car. So you might be considering looking into carports because they are able to provide a lot of protection for your cars against the scorching heat of the sun during summers and cold fronts during winters. They are especially appropriate for a Melbourne climate that is well known for its changeable weather conditions.

One common question that is in the mind of most residents in Melbourne is whether timber or steel provide better protection for the cars. In case you were wondering about this yourself, you’re in the right place. Here we will provide all the information you would want to know about steel and timber carports. The information contained in this article will help you to decide which one is better of the two for your property.

Case for Steel Carports in Melbourne

A steel carport is the sturdiest carport available, but you also have to pay the most to have it installed in your house. One of the advantages of steel carports is their resistance to harsh climatic conditions. They can easily withstand rain, snow, heat, and storms. Their toughness and sturdiness can be further amplified by adding a zinc outer coating that further adds to the protection from water damage and erosion.

If you have decided to buy a steel carport, you should pay extra attention to gauges and thickness ratings for the steel. Generally the higher the number, the greater is the steel quality and sturdiness. However, the overall cost also appreciates with greater gauge and thickness rating of the steel.

Timber Carports in Melbourne

Timber carports are aesthetically more appealing than steel carports and are much friendlier on the budget as well. A timber carport generally tends to match the overall look and design of the house.

The biggest advantage of timber carports over steel carports is the cost. Not only are timber carports more appealing, they cost a fraction of the price of steel carports. Another advantage of timber carports is that the sides can be expanded at any point without too much fuss and bother, thus turning it into a garage.

You can find some examples of carports we’ve built here.

Steel and timber carports are both costly investments that require careful deliberation before purchasing one for your property. The advantage of steel carports is that they are long lasting and durable. Timber carports, on the other hand, win the points in terms of aesthetic beauty and visual appeal. Overall, timber carports are a much better investment option as they are affordable, aesthetically pleasing and perfectly blend in with the landscape.