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Do you ever look at a part of your house and realise that far more could be done with that dead space? Or maybe you just think there’s a particular part of your house that looks weathered and tired?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know it doesn’t take all that much to bring about a transformation that will inject some vigour back into your property.

If you’ve never considered a home extension, then consider one now. Sunrooms are a fantastic option that will help draw the light into your house while at the same time opening up your living room to your outdoor space.


Each property is different which means the extension needs to be tailor made to fit the look and feel of your existing structure. The positioning of the sunroom will also determine its layout.

So it may come as no surprise to realise there are many types of sunrooms you could choose from. You can always look towards other existing designs to help clarify the available options and find out more about the types of home extensions.

Use that as a starting point and when you’re ready, give your local custom home builder a call and ask for their input and advice to help move onto the next step.

You may find the following extract useful.

Types of Sunrooms

A sunroom is an enclosed energy efficient space connected to the exterior of a home that is designed to provide the effect of bringing the outdoors to the inside by admitting natural sunlight and allowing uninterrupted views of the exterior landscape. The glass walls are supported by variety of methods using an assortment of different materials to provide a pleasing enhancement to your home. The roof of a sunroom can be either translucent (light emitting) or opaque (solid).

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Investing in a new extension such as a sunroom not only helps to change the layout of your house and help to re-energise it, but it can also increase the value of your home.


Other important factors you should consider is the energy efficiency of a sun room. Given that much of the structure is built from glass, it’s wise to ensure you don’t end up racking up your heating bill during winter trying to compensate for the loss of heat.

Energy Efficient Sunrooms

To be energy efficient, sunrooms should be constructed with special glass, proper windows, good framing and insulation. Without these elements, overheating and freezing will be inevitable, resulting in wasted energy and high energy bills. Be wary of low sunroom prices. Quality materials are more expensive, but cheap prices will only amount to low a quality, inefficient sunroom with associated problems.

Sunroom Insulation

Proper insulation of the sunroom is also critically important to avoid extremely hot and cold temperatures, which can have a significant impact on the rest of your house. An experienced contractor will be able to determine type, quality and amounts of insulation needed for you particular sunroom.

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Custom Outdoor Living have over two decades building extensions in Melbourne and we know you have to be careful who you choose to work on your project. There are plenty of cowboys out there, so always be sure that your local builder has the necessary qualifications and is a member of any relevant associations such as the HIA.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to give us a call on 1300 724 118. We’ve helped many others with our cutting edge designs and installations.