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Creative living is all about thinking outside the box. It’s about looking at your property and considering ways in which you can improve the look and layout of your house to develop it into something more in line with your lifestyle values.

One way of approaching this is to look at your house as a collection of areas or zones, where each zone can be utilised for a different purpose. The great this is that you’re not just limited to the interior. In fact you can have just as much fun designing your dream outdoor space as well.

But how do you start I hear you ask?

Well a great place to look for inspiration is online. Many interior designers, architects and outdoor living experts are more than happy to share their designs and concepts on sites such as Pinterest and other social media outlets.

In fact you can have a look at some of our very own home extension designs here for your Melbourne property.

You can create your very own Pinterest board and collect some inspiring ideas to kickstart the creative process. Below is an example.

We’re all about relaxed living and creating different areas to hang out in. Just like inside your home, you can design zones outside – somewhere to dine, somewhere to play, a quiet place to just chill. Do you love gardening, swimming, entertaining, cooking alfresco, sitting around the fire, do you want a giant moat with swans in it (that one is my 13 year old daughter’s) – this is your dream, so go for it!

Outdoor dining space

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Here at Custom Outdoor Living, we specialise in single storey home extensions and over the many years of service we have provided our Melbourne residents, we’ve come to appreciate the importance of listening to customers first.

Building a home extension can be a tricky business having to navigate the local building plans and not forgetting managing a project which sometimes can be fairly complex. So it’s worth considering letting an experienced custom home builder take on all the stress of the work.

Here is an example of a wonderful ground floor extension built to the back of a house in London which takes advantage of its rear garden by providing large sliding glass doors which retract into the adjoining walls. This is a great feature we have used ourselves for many of our own extensions.

This addition connects the main building with the garden and features sliding glass doors which retract into brick walls: “Even though we wanted the new extension to really feel contemporary in kind and use, we also wanted to use a material that would hyperlink this new aspect back to the history of the current building and area as a complete. If done properly, brickwork adds movement and texture, and will stand the test of time”, ” stated Tigg Coll.

Rear garden home extension with glass sliding doors

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We hope that’s managed to at least get the creative juices flowing.

If you’d like any further advice or guidance on how to transform your property with a brand-new extension for your Melbourne property, give us a call on 1300 724 118.