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The colourful addition of flowers and climbing plants to your backyard space can be welcome, but it can be hard to settle on the right flora for your outdoor area.

If you’ve got a patio, pergola or al fresco area, you might consider climbing plants to add a touch of vibrancy and uniqueness to your backyard. There is an extensive range of climbing plants that will look stunning – here are just a few suggestions.


This creeper is favoured by many homeowners thanks to its bright shades – red and purple are striking and look stunning with a dark timber deck, while orange or white bougainvillea are also gorgeous.

As an evergreen plant, you can enjoy a splash of colour year round.


There’s nothing quite like the sweet, slightly musky scent of jasmine. However, despite their delicate scent, these are hardy growers!

The white flowers add a fairytale-like vibe to any outdoor structure, whether you’ve got a sprawling al fresco area or dainty verandah. Jasmine looks stunning weaved around patios, too.

Bower of Beauty Vine

Otherwise known as the White Potato Vine, this flowering climber thrives across the country and will easily attach to pergolas.

You’ll need to train the flower when you first add it to your property, but with the right care you’ll find that it’s fast-growing.

Make sure the soil the vine feeds from is well-drained – the Bower of Beauty Vine likes dry, rather than overly moist, soil.

Once you’ve got the floral side of things sorted, be sure to add some comfortable seating to your outdoor space. Cape cod chairs add a coastal feel, while wicker chairs and outdoor sofas add a country vibe. Don’t forget plenty of cushions and a table as well.