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It’s obvious what you’ll do with a new al fresco area – kick back and relax.

However, before you start looking ahead to all those relaxing moments and quality family time, consider the design of this customised space. Getting the basics right is essential if you want to enjoy the zone in years to come. 

Here are some suggestions for al fresco shapes, all which have unique benefits. Remember, a dedicated al fresco and verandah builder will advise you on which design is best suited to your home.

Go square

For a chic look, a square al fresco space is all the rage.

This a is a particularly good option if you plan on including overhead coverage. With a pillar at each corner of the al fresco space, you’ll create a focal point for your backyard. 

You’ll need to carefully consider the dimensions of your outdoor space, given that this kind of design is as wide as it is long.

Long and lean

If your backyard is pressed for space or isn’t particularly wide, a long and narrow al fresco design could be the ideal solution.

This option looks particularly elegant when paired with a narrow, glass outdoor dining table. You can still install coverage, but talk with your builder about the options available to you. Whether you want a solid roof or something that offers partial cover is entirely up to you. 


Is your backyard a pest because of its odd shape? Don’t be put off by this. Instead, play this up with an L-shaped al fresco area. 

This unique shape is a smart choice for busy families who want to create different zones in their backyard. For instance, you might want an outdoor cooking area, dining options as well as a chill-out zone for the kids.

An L-shaped al fresco zone makes a striking impact in any property’s backyard.