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If you’re choosing a builder to construct a practical and visually pleasing al fresco area, there are probably a lot of questions on your mind. 

For instance, you might be wondering what kind of decking will be appropriate. Will timber with a dark stain suit your property’s existing design or would a lighter wood be more appropriate? You might want to include an outdoor cooking area, television screen or built-in seating.

However, don’t just think of what’s on the ground (or at least, elevated from it!). It’s also essential to consider your roof options when designing an al fresco space.

Rich timber

A solid, rich timber ceiling is favoured by many homeowners constructing an al fresco area for their homes.

The timber lines the interior of the roof and can be sanded and oiled for a truly polished look. It’s a good option if you elect to have timber decking and want to create a seamless look in your al fresco space.

This is also a wise choice if you plan to use the area year-round and want adequate protection from bad weather.


Perhaps you’re less concerned about coverage, but still want an on-trend ceiling design.

Louvres add a touch of French charm and are a great choice if you want to ensure plenty of light gets into the space. Whether you’ve got a square outdoor area or an elongated, rectangular space, louvres could be a good pick.


If you’re the kind of person who struggles to pick a meal at a restaurant or decide on a movie, a half-and-half al fresco roof could be a smart pick.

This way, you get the best of both worlds, namely sufficient coverage and adequate natural light.

For instance, half your al fresco space could have a solid roof, with a dining area directly beneath it. Meanwhile, the other half could have moveable louvres with waterproof seats beneath it – the perfect space for relaxing when the sun pops out.