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Investing in a patio with a standout deck will provide you with plenty of entertainment opportunities in the years to come – a customised outdoor space is a great investment for your home.

That said, there are some simple ways to make your patio even better. You can integrate your entire garden with a few simple additions. 

Take a splash

Adding a pool is a big commitment and requires plenty of ongoing maintenance. 

However, have you considered adding a pool for your garden’s small inhabitants? A stone or mosaic bird bath adds a welcome touch to any backyard area and won’t burn your wallet. 

You could even hang a wooden bird feeder from your patio’s rafters for an extra charming touch.

Construct a freestanding verandah

Have you considered adding a freestanding verandah (known as a pergola in other corners of the country)?

A timber structure of this type can add a personal touch to your backyard and provide a spot for quiet respite. An experienced verandah and pergola builder can advise you on materials and costs.

If you want to seamlessly connect your patio to a freestanding verandah, read on to the next tip…

Add paver tiles

Perhaps you like the idea of grass, but the maintenance is far too much of a hassle. Alternatively, you might dislike the sight of a lawn altogether.

In either scenario, have you contemplated the addition of paver tiles? These can run between your patio and freestanding verandah or could even take up the entire yard space for a chic look. 

Be sure to lay tiles carefully to avoid weeds growing from beneath them!