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A sunroom can be a priceless addition to any house. A good sunroom design can brighten any day. It gives you a feeling of having one foot inside the house and another foot outside.

Are you looking for sunroom design ideas that make full use of the available space, while at the same time providing an elegant look and feel to your property? If so, keep reading as we’ll reveal some outstanding sunroom designs ideas that will let you enjoy the bright sunny days while shading you from the heat of the sun.

1. Choose Sunrooms that Blend in With the House

Sun rooms can be purchased as prefabricated or custom-built. Whatever option you use, make sure that the design of the sunroom blends in with the rest of your house. You can choose from traditional designs that come with shed-type, gable-style, curved glass and split-roof designs for a more contemporary look.

2. Use High Quality Windows

Sunrooms are all about the windows. You should install high quality windows with double or triple paned glass. The windows should have high R-value, draft proof seals, and should be tempered for safety. Triple paned glass windows are the best for sunrooms as they provide the best energy efficiencies.

Although the cost of these windows is high, they allow you to save energy bills while providing you a picturesque view of the outdoors during summer months.

3. Choosing The Right Flooring for Your Sunrooms

Select sunroom flooring that easily blends in with the house. You can choose from different varieties of sunroom flooring. For a unique yet functional look, you can mix and match vinyl flooring that is easy on the wallet as well. Wood flooring is also a good choice for sunrooms as is brick and stone. You can also purchase interlocking deck tiles for your sunroom that can be positioned on top of any surface, and look remarkable. Carpet is another practical option for sunrooms that can go along with outdoor area rugs. Finally, you can opt for modular tile floor systems that are perfect for those of you who are DIY enthusiasts.

A good sunroom design will open up your house and let you enjoy hot summer days while being protected from the wrath of the scorching sun outside.

You can always choose to build a sunroom yourself and you can always choose to consult with a professional sunroom design firm that has extensive experience in installing top end sunrooms. We feel thhe time and money spent in adding a sunroom to your house will be well worth it in the end.