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Alfresco: in the open air. Sounds calming, right? It is!

There are many types and benefits of alfresco designs. They are often so innovative which makes them great conversation starters and make a great addition to your home. Your open-air concept will have your guests complimenting you all night! And you’re guaranteed to get Instagram credit for it too!

Here we will discuss a few of the most popular alfresco designs. Gardens, sunrooms and kitchens are some of the most sought-after. Each one is intended to emit beauty, provide a stunning entertaining space and allow for that zen experience we all crave.

Choosing the right design is very personal and really depends on what you are looking to achieve with your new space. Explore the following options and try to visualize what space would best suit you.

1. Gardens

Gardens are notoriously nostalgic and airy. Each one of your six senses will be heightened, stimulated and curious for more. A garden is appreciated by everyone, young and old.

House to Home beautifully captures 39 alfresco designs in their article, Small Garden Design Ideas – 39 of the Best.

Small Garden Design Ideas – 39 Of The Best


When it comes to gardens, limited space needn’t be a cap to originality and comfort. While small gardens, terraces, decking and patios undoubtedly come with their own set of design challenges, even the most economical of plots can be reworked into impactual and elegant outdoor havens. Think small but perfectly formed.


Whether you’re looking to transform an inauspicious roof space into a stylish urban garden, create the ideal alfresco dining area complete with dramatic lighting or go all out with quirky features and accessories, we’ve selected a variety of our favourite design ideas to inspire. 

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2. Sunrooms

Whether you choose to incorporate a a full seating space, fireplace or other “typically indoor” set-up, the ambiance will compliment any design. A sunroom can be intimate and cozy, or stylish and party-friendly.

Houzz’s writer Cathy Lara shares some of the most beautiful sunrooms in her article.

Sunrooms Shine In Different Ways


Does the moody winter weather have you dreaming about sunrooms? The sunroom (sunporch, solarium, conservatory) has as many functional purposes as it does styles. As we prepare for more daylight hours, let’s take a look at a few sunrooms — it might just be the thing to put us all in a sunnier mood.

How do you enjoy a sunroom in the middle of a Connecticut winter? Quite easily — with the help of heat and insulation, says James Crisp of Crisp Architects. “Well-insulated windows, floors and ceilings can help make up for the large percentage of glass. Radiant floor heat and even conventional heat keep it warm inside, making it perfect for walking around in stockinged feet,” says Crisp. 

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3. Outdoor Kitchens

Another impressive alfresco design is the outdoor kitchen. How very Hollywood elite!

An outdoor kitchen can be as simple as a modest seating area and a BBQ or as complex and sophisticated as a full kitchen and a full dining and entertaining space.

Take the cooking outside and enjoy some sold beverages with your guests while you prepare dinner in the summer son.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas Let You Enjoy Your Spare Time

An outdoor kitchen is a pleasant place where you can gather your family and friends together and enjoy the fun of outdoor cooking. In addition to enhance “delicious” outdoor experience, it upgrades the value of backyard or garden. Based on your personal preferable tastes, outdoor kitchen can be modern or rustic. Your choice!


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Whatever type of space you choose, your mind and body will thank you. Whether you like to read in peace, enjoy a hot drink under the stars or just spend quality time with family, an alfresco design is a sure-fire way to achieve solitude.

We all need to recharge and relax and you don’t need to leave the country to give yourself a break. The break you need is right in your own backyard!

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