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Custom Outdoor Living, Carport Builders in Melbourne, tailor designs to suit your requirements.  Every carport is different.  Obviously, functionality is imperative, but so too is the aesthetic appeal when a carport is to be erected as part of an existing home, property or dwelling.

Our level of detail is unmatched.  We can build a traditional style of carport or provide you with an entirely unique carport design that seamlessly blends with your existing property’s features. 

As expert carport builders in Melbourne, Custom Outdoor Living has a distinguished reputation for excellence and quality craftsmanship, backed by testimonials and recommendations from many happy customers.


  • Single Carport
  • Double Carport
  • Flat Roof Carport
  • Pitched Roof Carport
  • Lined Roof Carport
  • Gable Roof Carport
  • Timber Framed Carport
  • Carport with In-built Storage or Enclosed Storage Options
  • Custom Designed Carport to Suit Your Home.

Free-standing or Joined to Your Home

Carport design and construction may involve the creation of a separate, free-standing carport structure in an available space.  Otherwise, your carport design may be created to adjoin a house wall or boundary line, which effectively will become a carport extension.  Either way, we can customise your design in a traditional or modern style, pitch the roof or keep it flat, line the interior ceiling, or install a skylight for natural lighting.  We can also provide added lighting options to help keep you safe, secure and protected from the elements. 

With Custom Outdoor Living, you’ll benefit enormously from our decades of experience and quality building expertise, especially when it comes to Timber Framed Carports.

We’ll guide you through the process of the design and construction of your new carport and ensure that all aspects of the project meet the specific requirements of:

    • Compliance with Building Regulations
    • Council and Engineering Specifications
    • Proper Approval Sign-off, and
    • A Builder’s Guarantee Certificate.


Renowned for our quality finishes, our choice to use the best materials possible, and our employment of talented and qualified tradespeople, Custom Outdoor Living specialises in making sure that your new carport in Melbourne looks like it belongs to the original home.  This is especially the case where heritage homeowners seek a new carport with period features, matching design elements, and the utmost in functionality.

What is a carport?

The word carport originates from the word “porte-cochère”.  By definition, this means that a carport is a covered portal or structure that is an incredibly versatile, effective and affordable solution to provide protection for your car from the weather (and particularly sun damage).  A carport, traditionally, has a covering roof supported by vertical structures, without four walls.  They may be used for ventilated car or vehicle storage, equipment storage, or shelter required for some other purpose.

Our Difference

Definitive Leadership

The company is owned and managed by Matt Goodie who plays a hands-on role within the company.

Knowledge & Skills

We have forged a solid reputation over two decades, so you know that when you hire us to consult, design and construct your building project, you’re in safe hands.

Fully Registered

Here at Custom Outdoor Living we have 3 levels of registration so you can be assured that you are in good hands.

Our Credentials

Because customer satisfaction means a great deal to us so you can rest assured you’re dealing with a highly reputable and well established local business who is a proud member of the Master Builders Australia and Housing Industry Association.


Here, at Custom Outdoor Living (formerly known as Pergolas R Us), we specialise in building carports that are uniquely tailored to meet your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to make a carport?

At Custom Outdoor Living, we believe in a comprehensive approach to building a carport. You’ll need a well-thought-out design, which can be a free-standing structure or an extension adjoining your home. We use high-quality materials, like timber, for a traditional style and consider roofing options (pitched or flat), interior lining and natural lighting solutions like skylights. Importantly, we ensure all construction complies with building regulations and council specifications for a seamless and legal build.

What are the factors to consider when building a carport?

When you’re building a carport with us, we consider several key factors. The design is tailored to complement your home’s architecture. We carefully select the location for optimal accessibility and protection. The size and layout are planned to accommodate your vehicles comfortably. We choose materials that ensure durability and match your aesthetic preferences, especially for traditional styles. Additionally, we handle all legal compliance and permits for a hassle-free process.

Do you need a permit for a carport?

Yes, a permit is usually required to build a carport and we at Custom Outdoor Living handle this for you. We ensure your carport design adheres to local building codes and regulations. Our team manages the submission of designs for council approval and meets all engineering specifications. We also provide a Builder’s Guarantee Certificate, ensuring your carport is legally compliant and structurally sound.

What types of flooring options are available for a carport?

We offer a variety of flooring options for your carport. Concrete slabs are popular for their durability and low maintenance. For a more aesthetic touch, especially in traditional styles, paving or brick is an excellent choice. Gravel is another option we provide, offering good drainage and a rustic appeal. We’ll help you choose a flooring type that complements both your carport’s design and your home’s style.

Where is the best place to put a carport?

The optimal location for a carport varies based on your property’s layout and your specific needs. We recommend placing it where it’s easily accessible from the road yet effectively protects your vehicle. Common placements include beside the house for convenience or in a spot that enhances your home’s aesthetics. We also consider the carport’s exposure to weather elements and its integration into your landscape.

What are your top carport maintenance tips?

To maintain your carport, especially timber-framed ones, we suggest periodic checks for rot or pest infestation. Protecting the wood with paint or sealant is crucial to prevent weather damage. Keeping the roof and gutters clear of debris is important to avoid water damage. Regular inspections for wear or damage are also recommended. At Custom Outdoor Living, we’re always here to assist with maintenance advice or services to ensure your carport remains safe and beautiful.

How do you customise a carport to match my home's style?

At Custom Outdoor Living, we specialise in customising carports to seamlessly blend with your home’s existing style. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern look, we can adjust the design, from the roof pitch to the choice of materials. Options like lining the interior ceiling or installing skylights for natural lighting are also available. Our goal is to create a carport that not only meets your functional needs but also enhances your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Can carports be designed for multiple vehicles?

Absolutely! We understand that many households have more than one vehicle. Our designs can be tailored to accommodate multiple vehicles, ensuring ample space and easy access for each. We consider the size and layout meticulously, ensuring that each vehicle is protected without compromising on the carport’s overall design and functionality.

How long does it typically take to build a carport?

The duration for building a carport varies depending on the complexity of the design and the specific requirements of the project. At Custom Outdoor Living, we prioritise efficiency without compromising on quality. Once the design is finalised and permits are obtained, we strive to complete the construction as swiftly as possible, typically within a timeframe that we will discuss and agree upon with you at the start of the project.




''We are so pleased we chose a builder who could see our project through from start to finish. Design, permits and of course the build and fit out. We love our new alfresco room and use it every day. The team listened to understand our vision and it has come to life. Special shout out to the trades who stayed strong through several Covid related lock outs! Thankyou''

Maria & Ash


We are so pleased with our carport. It has been perfectly matched to our home. Custom outdoor living, have taken care of every little detail from the very beginning until the very end. We were always kept up to date with the project. It ran smoothly and was completed on time. We can't recommend them highly enough.

Patrick & Gail


''Matt and the team at Custom Outdoor Living did a fantastic job of designing and building a customised double garage for us.

It has fit in really well next to the house and looks like it has always been there. Their attention to detail was excellent and they explained everything really well. They made the process from design to completion very easy for us.''